My printing didn’t come out right – how can I fix it?

Printing webpages onto A4 sheets of paper can be problematic unless the website designer has taken steps to make it work for you. Try these steps first:

  1. Look for a Print View link on the web page itself  (n.b. may be a printer icon);
  2. Use your web browser’s Print Preview menu to see how it will print and then adjust your print settings as necessary.

Adjusting your print settings

You can adjust how a page will print by using your web browser's Print menu options.

Page orientation

Changing the page orientation from portrait (the normal default) to landscape may fix the problem if the right hand side of the page is being cut off. Change the page orientation in the following places:

Internet Explorer; Firefox
Print > Page Setup
Print (all options are available in the main print menu)
Print > Print Options

Print fewer pages

Some web pages can be very long and may take several A4 pages to print out, however you may find that you don’t need all of them, especially if there are large footers etc. Only printing what you really want saves paper, power and money.

To select which pages you want to print use the options in the Print dialogue.

Double-sided printing

To save paper print on both sides of the page.

Internet Explorer, Opera
Print > Preferences > 2 Sided Print
Print > Properties > 2 Sided Print
Print (all options are available in the main print menu)