What screen reader software is available?

NVDA – Non Visual Desktop Access. Free, open-source screen reader installed on our public computers. https://www.nvaccess.org/

Information for blind and visually impaired customers using our free internet computers

BYO Headphones

The internal speaker on our free internet computers are disabled therefore bring your own headphones that use a standard headphone jack.

To find the headphone jack run your hand down the left side of the computer screen. The headphone jack has a round finger size hole.

Use Narrator at the login screen

NVDA is not available until you have logged into the free internet computer. You can use Microsoft Narrator, the built-in Windows screen reader, at the login screen instead.

Narrator instructions     

  • Keyboard shortcut Windows Control Enter turns Narrator on
  • Narrator will switch off when you log into the desktop, you will need to press Windows Control Enter again to enable Narrator again

Starting NVDA

Use keyboard shortcut Windows S to Windows Search for the NVDA application

  • Type nvda
  • When NVDA is selected press enter to run it
  • To quit Narrator use keyboard shortcut Windows Control Enter
  • To quit NVDA use the keyboard shortcut Insert Q