Inventions around the home

Invention Inventor Date
Adhesive tape Richard Drew 1930
Aerosol can Erik Rotheim 1926
Ball point pen Ladislao and George Biro 1938
Band-aid Earl Dickson 1920
Blue jeans Levi Strauss 1850
Bottle top (metal) William Painter 1892 (patent)
Bra Mary Phelps Jacob 1914 (patent)
Calculator (pocket) Jack Kilby 1967 (patent)
Can opener Ezra J. Warner 1858
Canned food Peter Durand 1810 (patent)
CD (compact disc) player James T. Russell 1970
Cellophane Jacques E. Brandenburger 1908
Clarinet Johann Christoph Denner c. 1690
Clock (pendulum) Christiaan Huygens 1656
Coca-Cola Dr. John Pemberton 1886
Cocoa Coenraad van Houten 1828
Condensed milk Gail Borden 1856 (patent)
Dishwasher (mechanical) Josephine Cochrane 1886
Disposable Nappy (diaper) Marion Donovan 1951
Dog biscuits F. H. Bennett 1908
Doughnut Hanson Crockett Gregory 1847
Dry-cleaning Jean-Baptiste Jolly 1845
Electric blanket Sidney Russell 1912
Electric hair dryer Alexandre Godefoy 1890
Electric light bulb (incandescent filament lamp) Thomas Edison (US)
Joseph Swan (UK) are jointly credited.
Eraser-tipped pencil Hyman Lipman and Joseph Rechendorfer 1858
Fire extinguisher George William Manby 1813
Fountain pen Lewis Edson Waterman 1884
Golf tee Dr. George F. Grant 1899 (patent)
Heat-bottled food Nicholas Francois Appert 1804 (factory)
Ice block Frank Epperson 1923
Ice cream (mass produced) Jacob Fussell 1851
Iron (electric) Henry W. Seely 1882
Kaleidoscope Dr. David Brewster 1817 (patent)
Lawn mower Edwin Beard Budding 1830
LEGO Godtfred Kirk Christiansen 1958
Linoleum Frederick Walton 1860
Margarine Hippolyte Mege-Mouries 1869 (patent)
Match (friction) John Walker 1827
Match (safety) Gustave E. Pasch 1844
Match (safety phosphorous) Johan Edvard Lundstrom 1852
Metric system French Academy of Sciences 1791 (proposed)
1799 (adopted)
Microwave oven Percy LeBaron Spencer 1945
Mini-skirt Mary Quant 1965
Nylon Dr. Wallace Carothers 1935
Paper clip Johann Waaler (credited) 1899 (patent)
Potato chips George Crum 1853
Pram William Kent 1733
Piano (Hammerklavier) Bartolommeo Cristofori 1709
Post-it note Arthur Fry 1974
Razor (disposable blade) King Camp Gillette 1901
Razor (electric) Jacob Schick 1928
Refrigerator Carl von Linde 1870s
Rubik's cube Erno Rubik 1977
Safety pin Walter Hunt and Charles Rowley 1849
Saxophone Antoine Joseph Sax 1844
Sewing machine (factory) Barthélemy Thimmonier 1830
Sewing machine (with hand crank for home use) Elias Howe 1846
Sewing machine (with pedal for home use) Isaac Merritt Singer 1851
Slinky Richard James 1945
Teddy bear Morris Michtom 1902
Telephone  Alexander Graham Bell 1876
Toaster (pop up) Charles Strite 1919
Toilet Sir John Harrington 1596
Toothpaste tube Dr. Washington Sheffield 1892
Tupperware (company) Earl Tupper 1938
Vacuum (modern) James Murray Spangler 1907
Vacuum flask Sir James Dewar 1892
Velcro Georges de Mestral 1948
1957 (patent)
Video games Ralph Baer 1968 (patent)
Washing machine Alva J. Fisher 1908
1910 (patent)
Waterproof fabric Charles Macintosh 1823
Zip Whitcombe L. Judson 1892

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