Local authority elections

This page lists resources and links about local authority elections in Christchurch and Canterbury. Local authority elections are held every three years throughout New Zealand by postal vote. The next elections take place in 2022.

Elections information
Elections information, Fendalton Library, 29 June 2016, Flickr 2016-06-29-IMG_2156

Change to election wards

The 2016 elections had new wards. Read more about these changes and view the wards map.

Electoral rolls

A full set of local body electoral rolls are held at each of our libraries (except the Mobile Library).

Information about getting onto the electoral roll is on the Vote NZ website.

Return of voting papers

Completed voting papers may be returned via post or in person at any Christchurch City Libraries branch during normal opening hours. Voting papers may also be returned to Christchurch City Council service centres or Christchurch City Council Civic Offices at 53 Hereford Street.

Find out more about voting and special votes

Election results

Results of the Christchurch City Council and Canterbury District Health Board elections are available on the Christchurch City Council website.

Christchurch elections

All resident voters and non-resident ratepayer voters whose names appear on the electoral rolls are eligible to vote in their local government elections.

Christchurch City Council

Elections will be held for the following positions:

  • Mayor of Christchurch City;
  • Christchurch City Councillors (16 councillors in total, with one councillor from each of the 16 wards - a change from the current 13 Councillors elected from six wards, each with two members, apart from Banks Peninsula, which current has a single member);
  • Members of the Christchurch Community Boards (between six and nine members for 6 urban boards and one Banks Peninsula board - currently there are eight community boards);
  • The Christchurch City Council election uses the First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system.

Canterbury District Health Board

  • Seven members are elected across the region.
  • The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) election uses the Single Transferable Voting electoral system.

Environment Canterbury (ECan)

In 2010 the Government appointed seven Commissioners to govern Environment Canterbury until such time as it could be returned to a fully elected Council. In 2016 new legislation sees a mix of elected and appointed Council members, with a return to a fully elected Council in 2019. Find out more on the Environment Canterbury website.

Local authority election resources

Our community directory CINCH has local government listings — current councillors and health board members — plus service centres and community boards.

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