New Zealand General Election

2023 General Election is the official site for the 2023 General Election. It covers everything you need to know about voting, and how the election system works. The next general election day is on Saturday 14 October 2023. View the results of the 2020 election

Enrolment information is available in English, Te Reo Māori, NZSL, and other languages.

Information for Christchurch voters

Christchurch voters can vote in one of the following electorates:

Elections information

Each electorate has an official profile which includes the previous election results, statistical profiles and maps.

MPs in Parliament lists current MPs with their political biographies and contact details.

The Elections New Zealand website features information in different languages.

Electoral rolls and voting

Individuals can check their personal enrolment details online, however the full electoral rolls are not available to view online.


The New Zealand election results website publishes the results of elections, by-elections, and referendum.

More on Elections

The New Zealand Election Study holds data from elections dating back to 1905. The researchers ask users who download their files  to contact them. The Spinoff posted an accessible summary of the study's 2017 survey.

Find book about New Zealand elections on our collection.

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