Christchurch Pride

Christchurch Pride

Christchurch Pride is on from Friday 5 March until Sunday 14 March 2021. 


Tūranga is celebrating Christchurch Pride with stories of diversity and love! Come along and hear these stories read aloud by 2 of our favourite Queens the Divine Joanne Neilson and Little Miss Cinnamon ... because reading is what? – FUNdamental!!! This was a hit last year and we’re excited to make this even brighter! There might even be a song or two and glitter and confetti galore for all the family! Cost: Free. Age: All Ages.

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For more about the history of Christchurch Pride, read Joyce's post on Pride of times past.

Rainbow Reads

Books for teens that explore and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.


Rainbow Reads - Books Featuring Trans Characters - Teens

A selection of books featuring characters of diverse genders, by writers who (mostly) identify as LGBTQIA+.

Rainbow Reads - Non-Fiction - Teens

A collection of true stories, memoirs, guides, and histories about LGBTQIA+ people and their lives.

Rainbow Reads - Graphic Novels - Teens

A collection of graphic novels spanning a wide range of styles and topics, all with characters that fit somewhere on the rainbow spectrum.

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Gender Diverse Titles for older children and teens 12 and over.

Jesse's Best of 2020

A list of 'non-fiction, fiction and anything else' reads for 2020! Contemporary fiction, some biographies, and YA fiction.

Romance Graphic Novels

Captivating stories of romance in all shapes and forms brought to life with vivid and emotive illustrations.

Illustrated Biographies - LGBTQIA+

These biographies are written by LGBTQIA+ people from different places, times and ages. Stories of what it’s like to be here and queer.

Sexuality Stories

From pioneering feminists and gay icons, to tales of transition and self-discovery - stories to help us understand and celebrate who we are.

Romance - LGBTQIA+

Romance with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender characters.

LGBTQIA+ - Fiction - Lesbian

Includes stories that have lesbian themes and characters, whether in fantasy, romance, horror, dystopian, or other genres.

LGBTQIA+ fiction - Trans experience

Characters with gender identities or gender expression that challenges traditional cultural 'expectations' and ideas around gender.

LGBTQIA+ fiction - Diverse Sexualities

Fiction that features Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Bicurious, Asexual or Polyamorous characters and relationships.

LGBTQIA+ fiction - Gay

Stories with characters, plots and stories, and/or themes showing gay relationships in a mix of genres so there's something for everyone.

LGBTQIA+ Fiction - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Stories about LGBTQIA+ characters set in sci-fi or fantasy worlds. Dark drama, worlds filled with magic, and more!

Young Adult Titles for Interesting Times

YA-appropriate non-fiction (and a bit of fiction) to inspire, confront, challenge, and offer hope in a world that feels a bit topsy-turvy.


Stories, true and fictional, featuring trans-women. A list created for International Women's Day and Women's History Month.

LGBTQIA+ reading guide

Read the rainbow with fiction, biographies, and graphic novels.
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