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Book cover of The Kid's Book of Simple Everyday ScienceThis guide is designed to be a starting point for your science project, helping you work your way from researching a topic through to the end.

Use the scientific method

  1. Research a particular topic.
  2. Ask a question related to the topic.
  3. Formulate a hypothesis that answers your question.
  4. Create an experiment that will prove or disprove your hypothesis.
  5. Draw a conclusion from the result of your experiment.

Finding background material

The first step in any project is to choose and research a particular topic. The following links give you ways of finding information so you can come up with a question that will be the basis of your project.


E-resources give you access to general encyclopedias and other handy electronic resources. These resources provide helpful and reliable background information for science projects, and are particularly useful for current scientific information and ‘hot’ topics as they are updated regularly. There are also some great, but harder to use, electronic resources for adults.

Recommended internet resources

Use these links to find science websites for kids, teens and adults.

NCEA: Science – Selected science websites for teens.
Science – Our page with all of our science webpages.

Putting the project together

Once you have decided on your subject and you have completed your background reading, it is time to put it all together. The books listed here are a selection specifically for science projects.

Book cover of 365 More Simple Science Experiments With Everyday Materials 365 More Simple Science Experiments With Everyday Materials Prize-winning science fair projects for curious kids Joe Rhatigan
A collection of fifty illustrated projects showing budding scientists everything they need to put together a winning presentation and how to have fun while doing it. It includes safety precautions.
Plastics and polymers science fair projects: Using hair gel, soda bottles, and slimy stuff Madeline P. Goodstein
This book is for children who are interested in producing outstanding projects. The book encourages students to take the ideas and to redesign the experiments and do some experimenting on their own.

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