Hello springtime

Spring has almost arrived - depending on which definition you use*  - and the weather is certainly reflecting this. It is easy to be inspired by nature. When I was younger I used to take every opportunity to make something out of whatever I could find in the garden. Daisy chains, bouquets, weavings, dried flowers…
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Brighten up your life

Tomorrow, 21 June, is the winter solstice. The shortest day. The point at which the southern hemisphere of our little blue planet, with its jaunty, tilted axis, reaches "peak gloom". The weather will continue to grow colder from this point*, hardening into winter, but the days themselves and potential daylight hours will increase. And not…
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It’s all over Red Rover

Daylight Saving’s number is almost up for another year. Come some unearthly hour in the middle of tonight, the clocks ‘fall back’ and we will get a little more light in the mornings as we stagger out of bed, and a little less light when we are heading home from a hard day’s toil. Summer…
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