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Online archive of music journalism from the 1950s until today. Includes articles, reviews and interviews in both print and audio.

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Key Features

Rock’s Backpages features a vast library of content - from ABBA to Zappa, the Stones to the Stone Roses and from Elvis to Eminem. This eResource features:

  • Full-text articles that can be searched by artist, writer, date, genre and keyword;
  • A - Z lists of subjects, artists, writers and publications you can browse;
  • Audio recordings;
  • Music publications from the US and UK: from Creem and Trouser Press to Rolling Stone, and from New Musical Express and Melody Maker to MOJO;
  • Previously unpublished pieces about the Beatles, the Doors and others;
  • Seminal interviews with major artists from Bob Dylan to Radiohead.

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More information

Over 40 articles a week are added to Rock’s backpages a week. Articles have been sourced from music and the mainstream press with contributions from over 600 journalists.

Please note that the audio recordings vary in quality – tape hiss and background noise will frequently be present. The recordings are given quality ratings as most of these interviews have been recorded on portable cassettes in variable conditions.

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