About the Financial Times Historical Archive

Financial Times Historical Archive

The Financial Times is the world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper, offering unparalleled insight into global financial history. It is recognised for its analysis and opinions of worldwide business and financial topics, and offering the most detailed foreign affairs coverage of any daily European newspaper.
Access the searchable digital archive of the world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper, from 1888 to 2016. This archive is an essential resource for studying history, business, management, finance and politics.

Financial Times

From its beginning as the London Financial Guide in January 1888, the Financial Times has developed to become one of the best-known and most-respected newspapers in the world. This archive contains:

  • The most detailed foreign affairs coverage of any European daily newspaper
  • The Lex column: a sharp and authoritative voice on corporate and financial matters
  • All classified and display advertising
  • Access to thousands of daily price/stock indexes and currency tables -- an invaluable source of historic daily financial data
  • Includes the complete contents of FT Magazine and How to Spend It

Odd note: In 1893, the Financial Times was first printed on salmon pink paper to distinguish it from the Financial News, which at the time was its main rival. The archive has been created from microfilm copies, which are in black and white so the distinctive colours of the Financial Times were incorporated into the design of the site instead.

This newspaper can be searched through Gale Primary Sources which allows you to simultaneously search many other historical magazines and newspapers at the same time including the Economist Historical Archive.

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