Little Blog of Large Print: eBooks and Winter Reads

I've been indulging quite a bit recently in wintry-themed books, or books that have just seemed 'right' on cold, rainy days. However, it was only this morning, as I was wrenching open the lid of my frozen-shut red bin to clean the litter-box (the joys of cats), that I thought "yup; winter is here". I promptly wished I could just curl up with a good book and a cuppa; It seemed much more appealing that braving the frosty morning. 

Frozen rubbish bins and back-to-bed-brains aside, wintry books or stories set in cold places somehow just seem better when read or listened to in winter. The quality of the story is no different, of course, but I've been finding it just makes it that much easier to really dive into a story, and get really immersed.

That's why, for the chilly month of June, I'll focus a little bit on some cool (pun not entirely intended) reads that'll make you want to stay warm inside.

Little Blog of Large Print: Wintry Reads

As it's getting colder, there is nothing better than curling up somewhere nice and warm with a good book. I've been finding books about winter, or set in cold places are particularly enjoyable when it's wintry outside. Here we have a selection of eBooks, which can be changed into Large Print, as well as physical LP and audiobooks. This is a selection of some of the wintry reads I've enjoyed over the last few months, plus a few extras that sound interesting. 

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eBooks: They're also Large Print

Now if any of you have read any of my previous Little Blog of Large Print posts, you'll notice a few more eBooks in the list than usual. That's because, as many large print readers are so painfully aware, so many great and popular books don't come in a large print format. 

Not ideal, given how everyone will need to read a book with large print at some point in their lives. However, all is not lost. The library has a huge range of these popular, small print books as eBooks as well. The great thing here, is that most eBook platforms support a different font size preference.

OverDrive (a.k.a. Libby) is where you'll find the majority of our eBooks, so it's really handy to know how to make the font bigger on your device. This has instructions that cover all your bases, whether you're on you eReader, Apple, Android, or PC. Not to mention, if all else fails, you can pop into any library to get some help from one of our friendly librarians, or pop in to a Technology help drop-in session. This way, you can enjoy a much wider variety of large print books, whether a hard copy exists or not. 

Note: OverDrive also has an option for enabling dyslexic font (where there is wider spacing between letters). This makes it much much easier for those with dyslexia as well as vision problems to read. 

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