WORD Christchurch 2021: Cabinet of Curiosities: Tiny Lectures on the Weird and Wonderful

Although it's a few months later than originally planned, the new WORD Christchurch festival is just about upon us — albeit in a different way as they've made adjustments for a Level 2 festival.

I for one am excited to listen to curious and odd conversations at the 'Cabinet of Curiosities: Tiny Lectures on the Weird and Wonderful' on Wednesday 10 November, 7.30–8.45pm, at The Piano.

This event has become a regular WORD event, where there are a number of guest speakers and, a bit like the Victorian era's cabinets of curiosities, you get to partake of a selection of lectures to sink your teeth into. Hosted once again by the talented Naomi van den Broek, this year features five speakers, each who specialise in different areas. 

We have Madi Williams, a local historian I had the pleasure to study with while I was at university; journalist Tom Doig; the much loved and celebrated writer and illustrator Gavin Bishop; Joanna Grochowicz, an Antarctic historian; and last but certainly not least, Glenn Colquhoun, a 'jack of all trades' who wears many hats as a GP, poet, and children's writer.

If you're also bursting with curiosity about what these guest speakers will be talking about, grab yourself a ticket to the event, or stay tuned for a follow-up blog where you can read more about the weird and wonderful conversations from the night.

Can't wait until November? Tide yourself through with these recent publications from the guest speakers. Some are still on their way to the library, while others are ready and waiting to be borrowed from one of out libraries.

Polynesia, 900-1600

Moron to Moron

Koro: 2021

The Small Girl Who Lives Next Door

Shackleton's Endurance

Want to see what the library has by these speakers? Find their works in our catalogue:

Never heard of a cabinet of curiosities and want to learn a bit about them? Find books about them in our catalogue.

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