Vibrant Networks: Book launch for Fungi of Aotearoa

Liv Sisson's popular and acclaimed book Fungi of Aotearoa: A curious forager's field guide, with fungus-tastic photos by Paula Vigus was launched last night at Scorpio Books. There was a big crowd eager to hear about the book - and to buy a copy. 

The book came into existence via the power of curiosity and networks. Liv told us about how the book came to be - from the site of Scorpio Books itself, a conversation there, and connections made.

Fungi of Aotearoa

Rachael Eadie, the publisher from Penguin Random House talked about the energy and aroha invested into the pages of this book, and its magical properties.

Photographer Paula Vigus connected with Liv on Instagram and through a friend. She has a stunning range of fungus photos, and they found their perfect home in Liv's book. 

Author Liv - "expert in the joy of finding fungi" - was generous in her praise to her publishers, collaborators, academics, friends and family. Everyone got in behind her endeavour - her barista friend encouraged her through the writing process with bags of coffee with hand-drawn mushrooms on the packet. 

Liv praised the real and vibrant mycelial network she has here in New Zealand - and this book is a manifestation of that connection. 

She left us with a quote from poet Mary Oliver:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it. 

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Fungi of Aotearoa book launch photos

Liv Sisson - Fungi of Aotearoa book launch at Scorpio Books

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