QUIZ: A Christchurch summertime

Explore interesting and unusual facts about summers past and present in Canterbury!
A writer wrote about a fond memory he had of times past in the 2 August 1887 issue of the Lyttelton Times. He recalled “one of the pleasures on the station in summertime” as being the:
The seaside suburb of New Brighton was a popular destination during the 1960s due to its proximity to the beach and which other factor?
Which exotic animals were seen walking down Rolleston Avenue alongside several horses on 30 January 1979?
The hottest ever air temperature in Aotearoa was recorded in Rangiora on February 7, 1973. What scorching temperature did the town reach, which caused road tar to melt, schools and businesses to close and people to be hospitalised with heat exhaustion?
The phrase “get more pleasure out of motoring this summer with an Autocrat” referred to an advertisement for which car part?
Sali Mahomet began selling ice cream from a red, white and gold cart in Cathedral Square during 1903. With flavorings such as vanilla, pineapple or raspberry made from wholesale druggist H.F. Stevens’ syrups, they were popular among residents. A local described “appearance of Mr Mahomet and his ice cream... as the official beginning of summer”. What was the nickname given to him?
Ōtautahi has many popular spots to have a picnic, including the Botanic Gardens, Mona Vale and an array of beaches. The first documented use of the word “picnic” in English was by Philip Stanhope in 1748, who associated picnics with:
The 1995 Christchurch City Council-organised “SummerTimes Big Day Out” concert was a free event held on February 4. Featuring a lineup that included Dave Dobbyn and Crowded House, it saw approximately how many people pack into the grounds of Hagley Park?
In which Christchurch suburb would you find Te Hāpua Summer Pool, which opened in 2015?
Which nearby bay famous for its hillside baches would you travel to if you wanted to spend a warm day surfing, swimming or sunbathing?
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