Barbadoes Street cemetery plans

Ten plot plans of the Barbadoes Street cemetery.

Barbadoes Street Cemetery was Christchurch's first burial ground, opening in 1851. It was originally three separate cemeteries controlled by Church of England, Roman Catholic and Methodist authorities. Before the opening of Addington Cemetery in 1858, several Presbyterian burials took place in the Church of England area. The Methodist area was also known as the Dissenters Cemetery and many of other faiths were buried there. Prior to 1884 Barbadoes St Cemetery was also referred to as the Christchurch cemetery. By 1884 most plots were sold and Linwood Cemetery was opened to replace Barbadoes Street as the main city burial ground. The cemetery was closed, except for close relative burials, on 1 April 1885. The Christchurch City Council became the controlling authority for the Methodist/Dissenters and Roman Catholic areas in 1916 and the Church of England area in 1948.

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