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Christchurch City Libraries connects you with reports and feedback from writers and readers festivals, and other literary events. Find out about authors, novels, themes and read interviews and reviews.

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WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival 25-28 August 2016

Crowd for Imaginary Cities panel
Crowd for Imaginary Cities panel, Shifting Points of View, Sunday 30 August 2015. Flickr, File reference: 2015-08-30-IMG_8941

WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival

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Auckland Writers Festival

Community Read

Other book events

Books go to the movies

Read the book - then see the film
Do you want to read a book before you see the film rather than the other way around? If so, we've gathered together most of the movies coming up that are based on books so that you can get in first.

Books made into film and television
Our archive of books made into movies and spin-offs from TV shows.