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Despite being raised by wolves in the wilds of Johnsonville, Bronwyn started reading at an early age and hasn't stopped since. Her addiction to the printed word has led to entire rooms full of bookshelves, an encyclopedic knowledge of shampoo bottle instructions and finally a job as a librarian, where she can hide her obsessions under the guise of professional development.

When not holding a physical book, Bronwyn can be found trawling the interwebs for strange and unusual vine compilations, playing classic adventure games like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, and listening to 80s power ballads.

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Cover of The HonoursThe Honours by Tim Clare.

Admittedly it's taking me a while to read (not a slow reader, normally), but I keep going back and back to it. It's reminding me of Sarah Waters' The Little Stranger, and Hotel Paradise, by Martha Grimes. Love it.

My top 5

Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, China Mieville, Nick Harkaway, Georgette Heyer, Terry Pratchett


Favourite comics

The Unwritten, Locke & Key, Fables, Death Note, Ouran Host Club, Hatter M

Favourite imaginary pet

Cover of One of our Thursday Next's is missingPickwick the dodo (Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde)

Will never be found reading

Anything described as a literary-tour-de-force, or featuring the words limpid prose on the cover

Shameful secret

I managed to complete an entire BA in literature without ever reading Dickens

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