Adventure fiction reading guide

Adventure fiction reading guide

If you like stories full of excitement and danger then read on!

Follow the thrills and spills of a central character - a determined but often unwitting hero - on a mission full of suspense and action, loaded with obstacles and dangers.

Adventure tales use straightforward language, with a focus on dialogue and description that keep the action moving and excitement building. Whether your personal tastes lean towards spies and espionage, historical and military, the fantastical world of steampunk or dystopian settings, or stories of "human vs wilderness", there are plenty of options. Adventure awaits!

Adventure fiction reading lists

Adventure - eBooks and eAudiobooks

A curated list of the best adventure novels available through Libby and OverDrive. Buckle yourself in for some pure adventure escapism!

Adventure fiction sub-genre lists

Contemporary Adventure Fiction

These novels follow some of the latest fiction trends and weave contemporary themes and issues into their adrenaline-inducing plots.

Adventure Graphic Novels

Fast-paced and action-packed. Stories with heroes on a quest to save the world. Deadly opponents, desperate missions, daring rescues!

Action Adventure

The perfect antidote to boredom this titles come with a large helping of adrenalin, intrigue and danger.

Historical Military Adventure

If you like Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ series, or the naval heroics of Master and Commander, then these titles are for you.

Military Science Fiction

These are big stories, most are the beginning of larger series - you’ll find action, adventure, and camaraderie.

Historical Adventure Fiction

Travel back in time and go on an adventurous journey without leaving your chair! Explore your way through battles, revenge, and conquest.

Steampunk Adventure

Imagine the history and intrigue of the 19th century blended with magic, monsters, and mad science.

Wilderness/Survival Adventure Fiction

We're only ever a moment away from the need to survive in the wild - these stories represent humanity at its most desperate and resourceful.

Political/Spy/Techno Thriller Adventure

Follow characters on the run from government forces or assassins, embroiled in a tightly woven mesh of intrigue.

Dystopian Adventure Fiction

What says "adventure" more than the fight for survival - follow a character with the will to thrive in a new hostile landscape.

Classic Adventure Fiction

Classic tales that have stood the test of time. Go on a journey with beloved characters to far off lands filled with adventure.

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