Fiction reading guide for Rangatahi – Teens

Fiction reading guide

Whatever kind of fiction you’re into, there’s a great story here for you.


Māori fiction for Rangatahi

Collection of YA fiction and graphic novels written by and/or starring Māori characters and culture, for teens.

Short Reads - Teens

Sometimes you just need a quick read - a short book that you can pick up and polish off fast.

New Zealand Fiction - Teens

A varied list of books by Aotearoa writers. Our authors write from multiple perspectives, across all kinds of genres.

Romance - Teens

Read messy love-triangle stories or sweeping historical epics; bittersweet romantic tragedies or hilarious meet-cute mishaps.

Classic Novels - Teens

If you need a 'classic' read for NCEA or just want some great books that have stood the test of time - all published before 1960.

Books for teens with dyslexia

Dyslexia friendly books with a special font, thick, cream pages and widely spaced lines; high interest but a lower reading age.

Classic Romance

Secret longing, pompous men who turn out to have hearts of gold, and family, legal, or societal pressures getting in the way of love.

Classic Horror

Horror novel classics that have stood the test of time and will no doubt be enjoyed by generations of horror fans to come.

Classic Adventure Fiction

Classic tales that have stood the test of time. Go on a journey with beloved characters to far off lands filled with adventure.

New Zealand fiction reading guide

Explore adult fiction by New Zealand writers. Stories in a range of genres revealing something of our national character.

New for Rangatahi

New for Rangatahi

Printable lists

If you like... Rainbow reads

Stories about relationships, family, romance, activism, and struggle with a range of LGBTQIA+ characters. Printable author list (405 KB pdf)

If you like... YA Mystery fiction

Mystery is lurking everywhere from the school hallways to the shadows of the local woods. Printable author list (702 KB pdf).

If you like... YA Fantasy fiction

Encounter magic and myth, journey with legendary heroes, or protect the world from monsters or oppression. Printable author list (370KB pdf)

If you like... YA Dystopian fiction

Travel into grim futures not-so-far-removed from the world as we know it. Printable author list (939 KB pdf).

If you like... YA contemporary and realistic reads

Stories firmly rooted in the issues that affect us today. Funny, heartbreaking, realistic, engrossing. Printable author list (478KB pdf).

If you like... YA Adventure & action fiction

Hardy men in the wilderness, as well as bad guys in mean streets, tough heroines, and spies doing spy stuff. Printable author list (1MB pdf)

More Reading Ideas

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Genre reading guide

Find new reads from your favourite genres with these librarian recommendations for teens.
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The Museum of Human History immediately intrigued me by the synopsis on the back of the book -- I mean, why would an 8 year old fall into an ageless coma?…

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