Science fiction reading guide

Science fiction reading guide

Space travel, inter-species politics, adventure and more - explore possible futures and alien worlds.

Science fiction is a genre that mixes the purely imaginative with serious science content. Many science fiction novels are now considered classics, not just of the genre itself but of literature generally.

From a time machine built in Victorian England, to man-made machinery taking on an intelligence of its own, to social commentary on politics and the nature of humanity, science fiction presents the reader with a version of the universe as it could be.

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Science fiction reading lists

Science fiction - eBooks and eAudiobooks

A curated list of the best sci-fi novels available through Libby and OverDrive -alien worlds, inter-species politics, and space travel.

Science fiction sub-genre lists

Feminist science fiction

Powerful critiques of the dominant culture, imagining far futures and alternate worlds - utopian, dystopian and skewed.

Humorous Science fiction

Satire, sarcasm, pure silliness... there will be something here to tickle everyone's funny bone.

Science Fiction - Classics

The 'SF Masterworks' series is dedicated to reprinting some of the best sci-fi stories - authors and titles truly stand the test of time.

Science fiction - Graphic Novels

Sci-fi stories from the near future to far flung galaxies, interstellar travel, cyborgs, alien encounters and space warfare.

Time travel, parallel worlds & alternate histories

We’re all travelling forwards through time at a constant rate of exactly one second per second, but what if things were different?

Science fiction - Space Opera

Whether it be intergalactic travel, deep space warfare, or alien encounters expect storytelling on a grand scale.

Social Science Fiction

Social Science Fiction blends otherworldly epic story-telling with critical social commentary.

Hard Science fiction

The sub-genre that puts the ‘science’ in ‘Science Fiction’. These stories have high levels of scientific and technical accuracy.

Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

If you're into worlds where hackers, artificial intelligence and shady megacorporations coexist, these are the books for you.

Science fiction - Alien Invasion

The alien invasion genre stems the fear of discovering ourselves lower on the food chain. Who will win? us or them?

Short Stories - Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy

A selection of short fiction anthologies by influential authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Military Science Fiction

These are big stories, most are the beginning of larger series - you’ll find action, adventure, and camaraderie.

Science Fiction - Survival & Exploration

On dangerous alien worlds our heroes must use every ounce of their judgement and intellect to keep themselves and the human race alive.

New Zealand Science Fiction

A selection of titles celebrating Sci-fi born from the minds of talented New Zealand authors.

LGBTQIA+ Fiction - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Stories about LGBTQIA+ characters set in sci-fi or fantasy worlds. Dark drama, worlds filled with magic, and more!

Sci-fi Horror

What could be more terrifying than the unknown threat of a dominant species from the depths of space? It all looks bad for us puny humans.
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