Fantasy fiction genre guide

Fantasy fiction reading guide

Discover fictional worlds filled with wonder and magic.

Fantasy fiction offers the reader possibilities in storytelling limited only by the author's own imagination. From the high fantasy of wizards and elves, to the swords and skullduggery of grimdark, there’s something for everyone.

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Fantasy fiction reading lists

New Zealand Fantasy

An eclectic mix of New Zealand's best fantasy fiction. Filled with epic otherworldly tales, packed with adventure and magical beings!

Fantasy fiction sub-genre lists

Fantasy - Anthropomorphic Animal Stories

Fantasy that has non-human characters, specifically recognisable animals from our world, but with human traits, emotions or intentions.

Paranormal Fantasy

If you like your fantasy full of dark adventure and strange and mystical creatures, look no further than this list!

Fantasy - Female-centric

Fantasy focused on strong female characters and feminist themes! Embrace the heroine with these compelling and diverse fantasy tales!

New Zealand Fantasy

An eclectic mix of New Zealand's best fantasy fiction. Filled with epic otherworldly tales, packed with adventure and magical beings!

Super Weird Graphic Novels

Super Weird - a sub-genre of Weird Fiction - is characterised by unique and alternative storytelling. Expect the unexpected!

High fantasy

Elves, dwarves, wizard, men, and more - a sub-genre which combines a hero's journey with rich world-building, magic, and good versus evil.

Epic Fantasy

Sweeping battles between good and evil, grand quests, phenomenal world building, sword fights and magic - often told over generations.

Historical Fantasy

Historical Fantasy fiction delivers historical realities, complex plots, and some level of magical or other-worldly content.

Short Stories - Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy

A selection of short fiction anthologies by influential authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Urban Fantasy

These stories mingle the real world with the “other” - sprawling cities populated by werewolves, witches, faeries and more.

Fantasy - The New Weird

Blurring the lines between fantasy, sci-fi, and horror is the New Weird.

Fantasy - Magic Realism

Magic realism presents the supernatural, the uncanny, and the magical alongside a view of the world that is otherwise realistic or mundane.

Grimdark Fantasy

These tales aren’t afraid to show some skin or spill some blood. In the realm of Grimdark Fantasy, nobody is safe.

Fantasy - Fairy Tale Retellings

If you like fairy tales and folklore you might like these tales re-imagined in a truly unique way.

Steampunk Adventure

Imagine the history and intrigue of the 19th century blended with magic, monsters, and mad science.

LGBTQIA+ Fiction - Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Stories about LGBTQIA+ characters set in sci-fi or fantasy worlds. Dark drama, worlds filled with magic, and more!

Fantasy fiction sub genre lists continued

Fantasy Graphic Novels

Fables and folklore, swords and the supernatural, and anything in between. Discover new worlds of magic, mythology, gods and monsters.

Fantasy - eBooks & eAudiobooks

The best Fantasy stories available through Libby, Borrowbox, and Overdrive. Escape to a fantastical world from the comfort of your own home.
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