Historical fiction reading guide

Historical fiction reading guide

Leave modern life behind and disappear into another era.

Explore the politics of high society, palaces and castles and courtly intrigue, or wars waged over love and honour - with reputations made and ruined. Find settings that transport you to scenes of historical events. Sail with pirates, fight with the Roman army, or gossip in the drawing room with ladies in waiting, and witness how kings and queens are made.

Like stories set in the past that span generations? Try out Saga fiction reading guide.

Historical fiction reading lists

Historical fiction - eBooks and eAudiobooks

A collection of historical novels available through Libby and OverDrive.

Historical fiction sub-genre lists

Historical Graphic Novels

A selection of historical graphic novels – both fiction and non-fiction – that can send you to a different time from the comfort of home!

Christian Fiction - Biblical

If you are after a read set during biblical times or inspired by biblical events this is a great place to start.

Mystery - The Golden Age

Fans of lighter mysteries who are after something a bit more serious, and who appreciate great stories and character may like this genre.

Historical Fiction - Royalty

If you enjoy stories of passionate love affairs, political scandals, royal fashions, and deceitful court betrayals this is the list for you.

Historical Fantasy

Historical Fantasy fiction delivers historical realities, complex plots, and some level of magical or other-worldly content.

Historical Military Adventure

If you like Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ series, or the naval heroics of Master and Commander, then these titles are for you.

Gritty Historical Fiction

There's no drawing-room gossip or lacy-fainting in these titles! Instead you'll find pioneers, survivalists, violence and grime.

Historical Sagas

Epic, enthralling tales that often span generations. Most of these stories are based on historical events, places or people.

New Zealand Historical Fiction

These titles all offer a glimpse into New Zealand's past and how it might have been to live, love and survive in those times.

Historical Fiction - Westerns

Action-packed revenge tales, desperate survivalists, cruel and violent outlaws, gothic landscapes... these are the ways of the Western.

Historical Fiction - Women's voices

Stories with women's perspectives. Through their characters they ask the reader to consider women's experiences within historical settings.

Historical Mysteries (of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds)

Fictional tales of murder and intrigue, set in the Ancient and Medieval eras of Rome, Greece, Britain, Egypt, and more.

Historical Fiction - Christian

Historical Christian has strong themes of faith, courage, kindness and family values. No profanity, clean romance, and inspirational tales.

Historical Adventure Fiction

Travel back in time and go on an adventurous journey without leaving your chair! Explore your way through battles, revenge, and conquest.

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