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Mystery fiction reading guide

Mystery fiction reading guide

Heroes and villains. Puzzles and tests. Thrillers and killers. Who doesn't love a good mystery?

Mystery is a broad term that covers stories in a lot of different styles, and settings from the grand to the gritty.

From historical whodunnits, to the golden age of crime writing, cosy and quirky amateur sleuths like Poirot and Father Brown, to the war-torn and world-weary Jack Reacher. We’ve got detectives and psychopaths, accidental heroes, unwitting victims, and vigilante justice –  there’s something for everyone in this popular genre, and this page is your doorway into a world of intrigue!

Happy sleuthing…

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Mystery fiction reading lists

Mystery - eBooks & eAudiobooks

Cosy crime, contemporary thriller, historical – whatever your poison, there's something to keep you entertained and guessing 'whodunnit?'.

Mystery fiction sub-genre lists

Mystery - The Modern Detective

Follow a police detective, licensed private eye, or just a citizen with a personal reason to get to the bottom of ‘whodunnit’.

Mystery - Locked Room

There's been a crime, the room locked from the inside - who did it? Or maybe it's a snowed-in lodge, a lighthouse, or distant planet...

Mystery - Graphic Novels

Captivating mystery stories about crime, the investigation and discovery of who did it with atmospheric artwork to match.

Psychological Thrillers

Tense and suspenseful, expect to be held in their sway as the mysteries are untangled, and psychological intricacies revealed.

Mystery - 20th Century Detective Fiction

These 20th century sleuths and detectives have captivated many, and stood the test of time.

Mystery - Police Procedural and Forensic Thriller

Police procedurals and forensic thrillers follow the protocols and scientific methods used by police forces to try and solve crimes.

Mystery - The Golden Age

Fans of lighter mysteries who are after something a bit more serious, and who appreciate great stories and character may like this genre.

Victorian Mysteries

Victorian mysteries are setting-heavy crime stories that will appeal to those who like historical fiction, as well as a gripping crime story

Mystery - If you like... Lee Child

Jack Reacher is tough and resourceful with a strong sense of justice. This list of readalikes has similarly driven, independent characters.

Mystery - Contemporary

Realistic plot-lines, characters, and experiences - these stories are real page-turners full of intrigue and suspense.

Mystery - Cosy Crime

Soft, easy-read crime stories that are great to curl up and relax with. No gore and violence, but lighter, sometimes funny mysteries.

Mystery - Legal and political thrillers

Stories with intricate plotting, suspense, and with many moving parts. One thing is for sure - don't trust anyone!

Mystery - Hardboiled

Mystery fiction that's gritty, depressing, violent, cynical and seedy - in the style pioneered by Dalshiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. 

Short Stories - Mystery/Thriller/Adventure

Suspense, intrigue, action, adventure, and suspicion - all wrapped up in the short story format, so readable at one sitting.

Historical Mysteries (of the Ancient World)

Fictional tales of murder and intrigue, set in the Ancient eras of Rome, Greece, and Egypt.

Mystery by country

Lists of crime novels grouped by country

Mystery - Korean Crime

Often beginning as a simple mystery, these stories quickly become complex, layered thrillers with dark, morally ambiguous characters.

Mystery - American Crime

Usually placed in a modern setting, American mystery fiction is good for readers who want to solve the mystery and who like a bit of action.

Mystery - Scandinavian Crime Noir

If you loved Stieg Larsson's blockbuster Millennium series, then check out this list of dark, gritty and confronting titles from Scandinavia

Mystery - Scottish Crime

A selection from the best of Scottish crime writing, from the cosy to more disturbing stories.

Mystery - Irish Crime

Brilliant, sometimes bleak, and always high quality mystery fiction. The Irish sure do punch above their weight in crime writing.

Mystery - British Crime

Human interaction, mysterious documents hidden to conceal truths, and the logical following of clues are staples in this sub-genre.

Mystery - Australian Crime

Titles layered with Australian larrikin culture, dark humour, and some seriously ingenious twists and reveals.

New Zealand crime fiction

Blood-soaked, intricately plotted stories, detectives, seedy urban settings, and often dark humour - explore the darker side of Kiwi fiction

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