Romance fiction reading guide

Romance fiction reading guide

Racing hearts and longing looks - fall in love with romantic fiction.

Dealing with the beautiful, ridiculous, funny, serious, amazing, despicable ways that humans in love treat each other, romance fiction can fill you with a feeling of longing, or the warm sense of recognition.

The romance genre is broad and whether you prefer settings that are modern, historical, rural, or fantastical, or characters who are royal or rugged, restrained or raunchy, there's a type of romance that's sure to be 'The One' for you.

Like romantic fiction set in the past? You might find some great reads in our historical fiction reading guide too.

Romance fiction reading lists

Romance - eBooks & eAudiobooks

Would you like to be distracted with thoughts of romance? Here are a few romantic e-reads that might tickle your fancy.

Romance fiction sub-genre lists


Pick up one of these for meet-cutes, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake dating, opposites attracts and all you crave in a romance.

Romance - Graphic Novels

Captivating stories of romance in all shapes and forms brought to life with vivid and emotive illustrations.

Australian Rural Romance

Romantic, contemporary, or historical - communities and relationships that flourish or flounder under the extremes of climate and isolation.

Western Romance

Romance novels set in the American west, both historical and contemporary often featuring a handsome and rugged love interests. Yee-ha!

Royal Romance

If you're looking for a good character-driven story filled with lust and sweet romantic gestures this could be the list for you.

Romance - Spicy

Stories ranging from delightfully titillating encounters dripping with subtext, to more explicit sex scenes with lots of adult language.

Romance - Common folk

Follow a young woman as she tries to find love, family and fulfilment in times of major change.

Contemporary Romance

If you like the lighter, fluffier side of the romance genre this is a great place to start. These romance novels are the perfect quick read.

Christian Romance

The heat is dialled way down with these stories of modest Christian women finding love and navigating the challenges of their faith.

Classic Romance

Secret longing, pompous men who turn out to have hearts of gold, and family, legal, or societal pressures getting in the way of love.

Romance - LGBTQIA+

Romance with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender characters.

Romance Sagas

Romance Sagas are all about love that lasts a lifetime. Tales rich in detail and with characters "oh so dreamy" you'll wish they were real.

Interspecies Romance

Romance that's slightly out of the ordinary with humans who fall for aliens, merpeople, demons, robots...

Paranormal Romance

If you like paranormal beings set in a fantastical world with heavy lashings of romance this lustful list is for you!

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