Horror fiction reading guide

Horror fiction reading guide

Leave a light on and lock the door... frightening fiction to keep you awake at night.

What could be more terrifying than the unknown threat? And what shape might that threat take? A haunting of spirits, a demonic presence, a killer on the loose -  it is all meat to the sinister, creative mind of the horror author.

Horror fiction reading lists

Horror - eBooks and eAudiobooks

A distillation of the best of our horror novels in eBook and eAudiobook. Get your chills, digitally!

Science fiction sub-genre lists

Horror - Gothic Horror

From mildly creepy to full-blown terror, great reads for mystery and historical fiction readers who are up for something a bit darker.

Horror - Cosmic Horror

Take a journey into the Void and experience the delightful terrors of Cosmic Horror - forbidden books, sinister cults, and existential dread

Super Weird Graphic Novels

Super Weird - a sub-genre of Weird Fiction - is characterised by unique and alternative storytelling. Expect the unexpected!

New Zealand Horror

The best and scariest New Zealand fiction, with its own undeniable Kiwi flavour.

Graphic novels - Horror

If you're looking for something horrifying this list of graphic novels will send a shiver down your spine.

Folk Horror - Christchurch City Libraries

Folk horror explores pre-Christian beliefs, rural settings, rituals and rites. Think witches, trolls, spooks, old gods... and violence.

Loathly ladies: Women writing horror

Psychological thrillers, supernatural suspense, brutality, gore, & ghost stories - these monstrous madams will unsettle, disturb and horrify

Short Stories - Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy

A selection of short fiction anthologies by influential authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Supernatural Horror

Looking to get spooked? If demons, witchcraft, curses, spirits and ouija boards are your thing then you're in the right place.

Monster Horror

The creatures in these books are unpredictable and violent; they evoke terror in us as powerful representations of senseless evil.

Classic Horror

Horror novel classics that have stood the test of time and will no doubt be enjoyed by generations of horror fans to come.

Sci-fi Horror

What could be more terrifying than the unknown threat of a dominant species from the depths of space? It all looks bad for us puny humans.

Body Horror

Mutation, disfigurement, damage and distortion – body horror examines human existential anxieties, played out upon the flesh.
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