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I was born & raised & began my adventurous life of reading/writing/music-making in Tasmania but have since traded several species of small furry animals for loads of colourful birds

I'm an intrepid musician who plays jazz on guitar & drums and folk music on other things. I'll read just about anything I can lay my hands on ... novels, music, menus, road signs - but what I love the most is Historical Fiction set in Tasmania/Australia/New Zealand during the 1800s era

I'm also partial to a bit of well written fantasy and scifi. I tend to split my time between library books & my beloved Kindle, playing music & being a Community Learning Librarian at Aranui Library - Te Kete Wānanga o Aranui

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Cover of HarvestHarvest Jim Crace


  • My favourite type of book: I'm partial to stories with some impact and/or bad behaviour and extreme situations
  • My favourite type of music: Jazz (from our own region especially) & Trad Folk (not especially from our region)
  • My favourite menu item: Tasmanian Scallop Pie (seasoned with mountain pepperberry)
  • Favourite road sign: The silent but definitive Road-Cone

My Top 5 novels set in 1800s Tasmania / Australia / New Zealand (in no particular order)

Cover of Gould's book of fish Cover of Xavier Herbert Cover of The Luminaries Cover of For the term of his natural life

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