Tuvalu Language Week Vaiaso o te ‘Gana Tuvalu

Tuvalu Language Week Vaiaso o te ‘Gana Tuvalu

Tālofa. Tuvalu Language Week celebrates the culture and language of the 4,653 people of Tuvaluan heritage who live in New Zealand. According to the 2018 Census, 42 people of Tuvalu heritage reside in Christchurch.

This page highlights resources about Tuvalu and the Tuvaluan language.

In 2021, Tuvalu Language Week will be celebrated Sunday 26 September to Saturday 2 October.

The 2020 Tuvalu Language Week theme was:

Fakatili Te Kiloga Fou

Navigating the changing environment

Tuvaluan Ili Craft - Tuvalu Language Week

Tālofa. Enjoy this Tuvaluan Ili Craft in Tuvalu Language Week Vaiaso o te ‘Gana Tuvalu.

Tuvalu general resources

Tālofa, here is a selection of Tuvalu resources that cover language, culture and climate - in both Tuvalu and English.

Resources about Tuvalu

Tuvaluan language

Census Information

Statistics New Zealand, 2018 Tuvaluan ethnic group

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