Water is a vital natural resource that all humans, animals and plants rely on to live. It also has many other uses - recreational, commercial, agricultural. This page lists many sources of information about water in Canterbury.

The Avon River

Water saving in Christchurch

Christchurch City Council sometimes issues water restrictions for the city because of dry conditions or earthquake damage to infrastructure. The council website has a comprehensive Water information page and there is more useful information in our libraries' water saving information resources page.

Regional and national sources

Canterbury Water Management Strategic Framework
Summarises the overall approach and the delivery models ECAN has adopted for the sustainable management and development of the region’s water resources in the years ahead.
Published 5 November, 2009.
Waterwise - Christchurch City Council
Information on where our water comes from, how we get it, its quality, protecting the water supply, and conserving water. From the Christchurch City Council.
Your Water - Environment Canterbury
Includes information about groundwater, rainfall, river flows, water quality. marine farming and aquaculture, and educational resources.
Fresh Water – Ministry for the Environment
Official water information, reports, regulations etc from the Ministry for the Environment
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Reports and other publications on the management and quality of water in New Zealand.

Looking after the Avon/Heathcote Estuary and Lake Ellesmere

The Culvert And Outlet At Lake Ellesmere, 1909
The culvert and outlet at Lake Ellesmere [1909] Selwyn, P6260141

Waihora Ellesmere Trust
Charitable trust with a vision for Lake Ellesmere / Te Waihora. Information about strategic actions and principles, news and events.
Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust
Non-profit organisation formed by the general public and supported by Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury to preserve, research, enhance and involve locals in the Estuary.

Impact of dairying and other agriculture on water supply and quality

Cover of Managing freshwater an EDS guide
Dairy Industry Strategy
Developed by and for the dairy industry, and considers two key questions. Firstly, what will increase the profitability, sustainability and competitivness of New Zealand dairy farmers? And second, how will dairy farmers farm in the future?
Land management – Environment Canterbury
The land management team at Environment Canterbury works with landowner and community groups to improve the health of Canterbury’s environment.

Water conservation

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