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The online version of the popular encyclopædia known as World Book and a variety of other World Book resources on the one platform. World Book Online contains many distinct products catering for the information needs of children, students and adults.

Contains detailed content written for secondary level students. Includes integrated research of articles, media, primary resources, eBooks, dictionary, atlas and more. Features includes citation builder, language translator, computer and web tutorials and links to NZ government websites.

Multimedia reference encyclopædia for school-aged students’ homework and research. Features include timelines, biographies maps and atlas, a language translator, a citation builder, you can also browse by subject. Current events are covered in the behind the headlines section.

Reference resources for reluctant readers, students with learning difficulties, adult literacy students or those who are learning English as a second language. Easy-to-read articles, topic finder and how to research, a citation builder and a language translator.

Easy-to-use encyclopædia for young readers. Articles, multimedia, games, science projects and interactive tools for homework and fun. Organised into subject categories - arts, history, living things, people, places, science & mathematics, sports & hobbies and world religions. Also has a built-in language translator.

Interactive learning resource developed by early childhood education experts for preschoolers and children in early primary school. Has five sections including early learning basics (reading & counting), videos, games, stories and activities.

The Spanish version of World Book Encyclopedia. The Spanish Encyclopedia supports young native Spanish speakers and older students and adults who are learning Spanish. Has some billingual features to allow users to switch between Spanish and English.

Thousands of engaging projects suitable for a broad spectrum of hobbyists - from beginner to expert, for children and adults. All activities have clear instructions, photographs and illustrations. Search or browse by age, type of activity or holiday theme.

World Book translator

World Book – Built-in language translator

Find out about World Book and its built-in language translator.
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