About 17th and 18th Century Nichols Newspaper Collection

Digitised Nichols newspaper collection held at the Bodleian Library in Oxford UK, covering the period 1672-1737.

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Key Features

This collection includes over 250 titles of newspapers and periodicals alongside over 250 more pamphlets and broadsheets. The archive fills many of the gaps of the 17th and 18th Century Burney Newspapers Collection, as well as including additional unique titles.

The archive is cross-searchable with other Newspaper and periodical archives using Gale Primary Sources. See About Gale Primary Sources for a full list of publications

More Information

The collection runs through the development of the press in England, Licensing Acts and censorship, dynastic changes, and virulent Whig and Tory antagonism. Notable content includes:

    • The Glorious Revolution of 1688, including James II’s General Pardon and calls for the
      loyalty of his subjects
    • Both versions of The Female Tatler, the first known periodical with a female editor, and all four issues of The Ladies Mercury, an early example of a periodical aimed at women
    • The deaths of monarchs from Charles II to George I, as well as reports on the death of James II in France in 1701
    • Narratives of social change and morality, such as ‘Against Duelling’, ‘Liberty of Printing’ and ‘Inhumane Treatment of the Blacks’
    • Movements in international politics, such as reports on the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht and Queen Anne’s speech to Parliament
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