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Digital archive of full text and full image newspapers dating back to the 18th century.

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Key features

The ProQuest Historical Newspapers collection provides complete digital reproductions of every page from every available issue. This means you have access to articles, classified ads, births, deaths and marriage announcements, comic strips, advertising, editorials, photographs, and more!

You can:

  • Search full text and digital reproductions by keyword and date range;
  • Sort articles by relevance, or date;
  • Limit searches to article type: editorials, letters to the editor, marriage notices, advertising and more;
  • View full page images and individual articles as they appeared;
  • Download full-page and article images in PDF format;
  • Select individual articles to view using page maps.

The historical newspapers you can search individually or as a group include:

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More information

For centuries, newspapers have captured not only the facts about important occasions, but also the sights and sounds of everyday life. The curious and the serious researcher alike can travel digitally back through the centuries with this online resource. The inauguration of world leaders. Breakthrough medical discoveries. Declarations of war. The social events of the season. The rock concerts of a generation. New recipes and products. A death, marriage or birth in the family.

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