About Te Kerēme

Te Kerēme is a selective index to the Ngāi Tahu claim.

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Material indexed includes:

  • Iwi;
  • Hapū;
  • Marae;
  • Individual people;
  • Organisations;
  • Places and events.

More information

Te Kerēme provides volume and page number references to the material from the Ngāi Tahu Māori Trust Board Claim before the Waitangi Tribunal. These documents are held in the Ngā Pounamu Māori Collection / Waruwarutū at Tūranga.

Please note:

Due to the volume and detail of material presented in this claim, not all names and details appearing in the evidence have been able to be indexed. Te Kerēme indexes only the print copy held in the Ngā Pounamu Māori Collection. Other copies of the claim may have different reference points.

See also the Ngāi Tahu website and page on the Settlement.

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