About Te Puna

Te Puna is a web-based search service giving access to what is held in New Zealand libraries and worldwide.

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Key features

Te Puna is the view of the combined catalogue of New Zealand libraries on WorldCat (a global catalogue of library collections.), so customers can limit their search to the holdings of New Zealand libraries or widen their search to include worldwide library holdings. When using Te Puna you have access to:

  • WorldCat – OCLC's catalogue of books and other material in libraries worldwide;
  • Publications New Zealand – New Zealand’s national bibliography. It contains descriptions of books, periodicals, films, music and other material published in NZ, or by New Zealanders, or about New Zealand with links to libraries where you can find each item;
  • Music Hire – performance material for loan or hire in NZ or overseas.

Use at a library or enter your library card & password / PIN.

More information

Te Puna also provides access to international databases, such as Hathi Trust, the Internet Archive and Google Scholar. It’s most important links are provided under the heading “Library Links” which provide access to:

  • Index New Zealand - a searchable database that contains abstracts and descriptions of articles from about 1000 New Zealand periodicals and newspapers, including some from earlier in the 20th century right up to and including the present day. Around 3000 new records are added monthly from 460 current titles;
  • NZResearch - Discover and access New Zealand’s most comprehensive selection of research papers and related resources. This site includes research from universities, polytechnics, and research organisations throughout New Zealand;
  • Fantastic Fiction - Bibliographies for over 50,000 authors and information on over 600,000 books;
  • DigitalNZ - discover millions of NZ items from the digital stores of libraries, museums, archives, communities, and government.
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