The Alice Network – Review

I spent the last couple of weeks down the rabbit hole, head buried in The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. The story captured me from the very beginning—no need to read to page 90 with this one; I was hooked by page two! Nineteen forty-seven was hell for little bony girls like me who couldn't wear the […]

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Knit ME! Knit ME!

One of the best things about being a librarian has got to be unpacking the boxes of new books. It's like a little bit of Christmas every week! Knitted Animal Cozies As soon as I pulled Knitted Animal Cozies out of the box, I just knew this was my latest favourite craft book. The animals are […]

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Resistance is futile

Have you ever seen a book and known you just had to read it--not because you thought you would actually like it necessarily, but because not reading it was just--inconceivable? Well, that's how I felt when I saw Star Trek, Green Lantern: The Spectrum War. I've never really gotten into reading graphic novels, unless you count […]

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