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It’s important to get some physical exercise, you can go for a walk or run, or you and one of your whānau / family could give these ago.

I te tīmatanga

Do you have good hand eye combination? Try this rhythmical and mental ability game.


How are your jumping skills? Try this feet-matching game used to develop leg strength and mental dexterity.

Matimati / mitimiti

Are you able to dodge fast? Try this game that was once used by warriors to help read opponents movements and to learn to evade and disguise attacking movements.

If you’re looking for something a little less physical try this traditional Māori board game. Once drawn on the ground you can either download the board or draw it on paper for future use.

Mū Tōrere

A board game played by two people:

  • Points of the star are known as kāwai and the centre is the putahi
  • Two players have 4 counters each, say white and blue. Arrange them so 4 white are in the 4 upper circles and the 4 blue are in the 4 lower circles
  • Players take turns moving one of their beans either into empty adjacent kawai or into (or out of) the pūtahi
  • A counter can only move into the pūtahi if the counter is adjacent to the opponents bean if not then the move is tapu – not allowed
  • Only one counter at a time can occupy the pūtahi
  • No jumping counters
  • The object of the game is to move your counters to a position where your opponent is blocked.

These two videos show how to play the game Mū Tōrere #1 and Mū Tōrere #2

Upload Mū Tōrere board [80KB PDF]

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