5 Articles on… Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly in the news and to be honest I find the thought of it is quite scary especially with its impact on information sources. The other thing I find scary is AI's mate ChatGPT and the future impact that has on students and writers. As an experiment I decided to use ChatGPT to write an introduction to this post. I have never used ChatGPT before and the process was so incredibly easy it was kind of weird. Here is the introduction that ChatGPT wrote for me.

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the captivating world of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI transforming industries and reshaping our future, it's vital to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs and applications. In this curated collection of articles, we explore diverse AI domains and examine its impact across industries.

Not bad for a robot but it does sound a little formal and it doesn't really sound like me - maybe that's what the robot version of me sounds like?

Here is my curated collection if articles showcasing the good the bad and the ugly of AI:

  1. Man v machine: everything you need to know about AI; As systems become more capable and ubiquitous -- should we be worrying about the future hold for humans in the a 'robot' world?
    Alex Hren and Dan Milmo.  The Observer (London, England), 06 May 2023
    Database: Gale General OneFile accessed via eResources Discovery Search (eDS)
    General article that is looking AI including ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI and also risks and where AI is heading.
  2. A battle royal is brewing over copyright and AI.
    The Economist 15 March 2023
    Database: Gale General OneFile accessed via eResources Discovery Search (eDS)
    Looking at how people are using AI in the music industry and how this is creating legal minefield, what is considered fair use and can AI scrap information from copyrighted material.
  3. Can chat GPT find me a date? I'm Hannah, 27, real and single. So could AI help to get me a perfect match fast? First: create an avatar of myself.
    The Times (London, England)
    13 May 2023
    Database: Gale Academic OneFile accessed via eResources Discovery Search (eDS)
    Create a fake you using AI and it filters you dating matches read on to see what real Hannah thinks of fake Hannah's chats with potential suitors.
  4. An Intellectual Leap
    Jeremy Hsu New Scientist, 02624079, April 2023, Vol. 258, Issue 3435
    Database: General Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson) accessed via eResources Discovery Search (eDS)
    A general article looking at he latest advances comparing to the what came before and the concerns about AI developing too fast. 
  5. The tip of the AI iceberg
    The Sydney Morning Herald 29 April 2023
    Database: Australia / New Zealand Reference Centre Plus accessed via eResources Discovery Search (eDS)
    How do schools cope with ChatGPT? Ban it or use it as a teaching tool?

After reading about AI and ChatGPT I think there is something to be said about human creativity and what it means to be human. AI needs to to monitored and ChapGPT can help you start but will always need editing and still sounds like a robot. Check out the sample below as ChatGPT's take on a closing paragraph.

Alrighty then, time to wrap things up and give a shout-out to AI and ChatGPT for totally changing the game! I mean, seriously, these tech marvels have totally rocked our world. They've made our lives a heck of a lot easier by taking care of those boring tasks we'd rather not deal with. And let's not forget about the creativity boost they provide! They're like our trusty sidekicks, always ready to spark our imagination. But hey, while we're all hyped about AI, we can't forget to keep it ethical and make sure us humans stay in control, right? It's all about keeping that personal touch and making sure our values shine through in these smart systems. So let's ride this wave of innovation together, exploring all the crazy possibilities and shaping the future of chatty conversations. Get ready, folks, 'cause we're diving headfirst into a world where knowledge, understanding, and connection are just a casual chat away. Hang tight, 'cause the future's looking mighty exciting!

It sounds a bit like ChatGPT is blowing its own trumpet, "Isn't ChatGPT wonderful!" The other thing is for a blog the writing lacks personality, it sounds a bit like a Stepford wife - now that's a scary thought.

Five more things to read on ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence