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When you’ve read a book that you enjoy, there is always the hope that there will be a sequel. Hope then turns to whether there will be a trilogy. Then who knows, a full series or prequel series. And… you get the picture. But what if you enjoy listening to audiobooks, and fancy starting right at the beginning of a well-established character’s story arc? Or entering a new and exciting world from various vantage points? I have a few suggestions for you.


When it comes to historical fiction, Bernard Cornwell has quite a pedigree. He has covered many historical periods, with a variety of real and imagined protagonists that have explored battles and events that actually took place. Richard Sharpe is one of his most endearing and complex creations and to date he has featured in 21 novels. These novels cover the time just before, after and mainly during the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15), culminating in the closely fought Battle of Waterloo. This list of titles includes the main event of the book mentioned. To say any more about each title would give too much away about Sharpe’s own journey. Browse the eAudiobooks of the Sharpe series:

  1. Sharpe's Tiger (1997) - The Siege of Seringapatam, 1799
  2. Sharpe's Triumph (1998) - The Battle of Assaye, September 1803
  3. Sharpe's Fortress (1999) - The Siege of Gawilghur, December 1803
  4. Sharpe's Trafalgar (2000) - The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805
  5. Sharpe's Prey (2001) - Richard Sharpe and the Expedition to Copenhagen, 1807
  6. Sharpe's Rifles (1988) - The French Invasion of Galicia, January 1809
  7. Sharpe's Havoc (2003) - Richard Sharpe and the Campaign in Northern Portugal, Spring 1809
  8. Sharpe's Eagle (1981) - The Talavera Campaign, July 1809
  9. Sharpe's Gold (1981) - The Destruction of Almeida, August 1810
  10. Sharpe's Escape (2004) - The Bussaco Campaign, 1810
  11. Sharpe's Fury (2006) - The Battle of Barrosa, March 1811
  12. Sharpe's Battle (1995) - The Battle of Fuentes De Oñoro, May 1811
  13. Sharpe's Company (1982) - The Siege of Badajoz, January to April 1812
  14. Sharpe's Sword (1983) - The Salamanca Campaign, June and July 1812
  15. Sharpe's Enemy (1984) - The Defence of Portugal, Christmas 1812
  16. Sharpe's Honour (1985) - The Vitoria Campaign, February to June 1813
  17. Sharpe's Regiment (1986) - The Invasion of France, June to November 1813
  18. Sharpe's Siege (1987) - The Winter Campaign, 1814
  19. Sharpe's Revenge (1989) - The Peace of 1814
  20. Sharpe's Waterloo (1990) - The Waterloo Campaign, 15--18 June 1815
  21. Sharpe's Devil (1992) - Napoleon and South America, 1820-1821


There are a number of other popular series available as audiobooks. If it is crime you are after, we have that covered with all 12 audiobooks in the ‘Harry Hole’ series of detective novels by Jo Nesbø.

Urban Fantasy

For fans of urban fantasy, we have the first three titles in the ‘Rivers Of London’ series by Ben Aaronovich.


We also have all five audiobooks in the romantic ‘Rock Kiss’ series by Nalini Singh.


And for those that fancy a real challenge, we have the entire ‘Discworld’ fantasy series of novels by Terry Pratchett available as audiobooks. That is 41 titles in total. Happy listening!

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