Ponies and Puns–Mini Whinny is back in town

Cover of Bad Day at the O.K. CorralI've always been a bit of a sucker for pony stories. Back in the day, my favourites were Billy and Blaze, anything by the Pullein-Thompsons, and the Jinny and Shantih books (now known as Jinny at Finmory). I passed my love of pony stories on to Miss Missy—for her, it all started when I bought her first Stacy Gregg book for Christmas.

We've both really enjoyed reading Stacy's books over the years, although to be honest, Miss Missy's out-grown them a bit now, especially now that Stacy Gregg is writing picture books, and Miss Missy is all grown up and studying at Uni now. But I still love them, so I was a tad excited when I saw the latest Mini Whinny book, Bad Day at the O.K. Corral, and then discovered that there'll be a fourth book out soon too!

If you haven't yet met with Mini Whinny, you should know that she's a feisty, mischievous, little miniature pony, who's always getting herself into trouble.  

In this story, Mini Whinny has to go to day care to keep her out of mischief while Palomina is busy with a gymkhana. Mini Whinny has never been to day care before, and feels very shy and left out. The other ponies don't include her in block building, they laugh at her dress-up costume choices, and then she gets in trouble for something Bandit the Bully did. Our feisty little friend isn't going to let a bully push her around! What follows is a fabulous, pun filled showdown in true Western style!

A truly great picture book is one that's fun for the grown up reading it as well as the littley who's listening, and this one sure made me smile!

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