New Zealand Garden Bird Survey – 29 June to 7 July 2024

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research runs Te Tatauranga o ngā Manu Māra o Aotearoa – The New Zealand Garden Bird Survey annually at the end of June. This is a good time of year as birds are attracted to gardens in winter when there is less food for them elsewhere.

Between Saturday 29 June to Sunday 7 July, we are all being asked to count the birds we see and hear in our gardens and backyards.
Here is what you need to do to take part:

Bird ID and Tally Sheet
Te Puka Tautohu, Tatau Manu

  1. Select your garden, park, school or marae.
    Kōwhiria tōu māra, pāka, kura, marae rānei.
  2. Choose any ONE day during the nine day survey period.
    Kōwhiria tetahi rangi KOTAHI i te wa o te arotaki.
  3. Look for birds for ONE HOUR in your survey area (use bird identification tools)
    Kia KOTAHI hāora koe e kimi manu ana i te wāhi kua
    kōwhiria e koe mō te tatauranga nei.
  4. For each species, record the HIGHEST number seen or heard at one time.
    Whakamahia tēnei puka tatau hei tuhi i te maha NUI KATOA o ia momo manu ka kitea (ka rangona rānei) i te wā kotahi.
  5. Submit your results online.
    Tukua mai ō tatauranga mā te ara tuihono.

You will find tally sheets, activity books, and colouring in entry forms at our libraries. 

Tally sheet for easy counting

  • Print out the tally sheet, the tally sheet in te reo Māori, or make your own.
  • Submit your results directly online (from 29 June) using the online form.
  • You can also print one of the tally sheets below – or make your own to fill in – and then submit your results online.

What you discover could contribute important scientific data for understanding our garden birds and what we can do to protect and nurture them. This information will help to make our gardens and parks places where wildlife can thrive and people can enjoy and benefit from the delights that nature has to offer.

If you are keen to take part, then visit the NZ Garden Bird Survey website to find tally sheets and identification guides to help you identify what you see. Do it with a team, make it a fun activity for your whānau!

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