Quick questions with Toby Morris – WORD Christchurch

We are asking quick questions of writers and thinkers coming to the WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival on from 24 to 28 August.

Toby Morris is an Auckland-based illustrator, cartoonist and comic artist. You might know him from The Pencilsword and his drawings (with Toby Manhire's words) for RNZ's That is the Question.

What are you looking forward to doing in Christchurch?

It's been a while! I used to come to Christchurch when I was touring in a band, and by that point in the tour everything was always a bit hectic and exhausting. I'm looking forward to being in Christchurch without being stressed and tired! The programme looks great, I'll probably check out a few talks and park myself up with a sketchbook somewhere to do some drawing - seems like there are lots of beautiful spots of park up.

What do you think about libraries?

I love libraries, one of my favourite places. So many of my favourite memories have happened in libraries - whether it's finding something mind blowing in a strange book that called out from a shelf, or finding a new favourite band in a CD with a curious cover, or even just flirting with girls on the top floor of Wellington Central when I'm supposed to be studying for exams. I love writing and drawing in libraries. Now that I've got kids I'm reminded of the power of libraries all over again - such amazing safe spaces to lose yourself.

What would be your "desert island book"?

CoverMy go-to comfort read is Tintin in Tibet. It's such a simple story that I find it kind of pure and clean, it's quite perfect. All the white space of the swirling snow is quite calming.

Share a surprising fact about yourself.

I have no sense of smell.

Toby Morris appears in:
Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?, Sat 27 Aug, 12.30pm
Sunday Fringe – Writing to Make a Change, Sun 28 Aug, 11.30am
Giving Them Hell: Political Cartoons, Sun 28 Aug, 2pm


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