The Southern provinces almanac, directory, diary and year-book

The Southern Provinces almanac was published annually from 1853 to 1892. Originally the Almanac covered a number of provinces, but from 1865 the Almanac concentrated on Canterbury.

The Almanac lists businesses, associations, central and provincial government officials and departments; includes a trades and occupations directory, and lists details of religious bodies, charitable organisations and various societies. As well as Christchurch and Lyttelton other Canterbury towns are listed. Other listings in the almanac include postal, port, customs and other regulations; army lists; gardening suggestions; and calendar information.
From 1863 to 1875 the Almanac includes a review and commentary on newsworthy events of the preceding year.

Christchurch City Libraries has a set of the Almanac covering the years 1863 to 1892.