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An index to selected articles, obituaries and reviews published in The Press, Christchurch Mail, Christchurch Star, Star Midweek and Star Weekender. 

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Key features

  • This index is compiled by Christchurch City Libraries.
  • Indexed material was published in the urban edition of The Press from 2 January 1995, the Christchurch Star from 14 October 1998 to 9 September 2005, The Star Midweek and The Star Weekender are indexed from 14 September 2005, The Star from 25th February 2016 and the Christchurch Mail is indexed from January 2012.
  • Obituaries and reviews are indexed from both The Press and The Star newspapers.
  • The Star Community newspapers, published every Monday, are not indexed.

More information

  • Search tips available under Keyword, Author, Title, Subject on catalogue landing page.
  • From January 2002, articles in The Star newspapers are indexed only if coverage does not also appear in The Press; the exceptions are obituaries and reviews which are indexed from both.
  • An index to The Press for the period 1861-1994 is available on microfiche in the Family History Centre, Tūranga from 12 October 2018. An index to The Lyttelton Times for the period 1850-1860 is also available on microfiche.
  • Find out more about accessing New Zealand historical newspapers at Christchurch City Libraries.

Please note: The Aotearoa New Zealand Centre at Tūranga from 12 October 2018 has local newspapers (including The Press, Christchurch Star) from the first issues, through to the present day. Most of these newspapers are available on microfilm.