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A large collection of full-text magazines, journals and reference books.

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Key Features

  • Over 3,000 full-text periodicals and reference books;
  • Thousands of photos, maps and primary source documents;
  • Extensive range of subject coverage;
  • Full-text information dates as far back as 1922 with back files for the most important publications.

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More information

MasterFILE Complete provides full text for periodicals covering an extensive range of subject areas including business, health, education, fitness, sports & leisure, personal finance, general science, multicultural issues, DIY, fashion and more. With EBSCO MasterFile Complete you can save, print and email results. By creating your own account using your email address and your own password you can also:

  • Save preferences;
  • Organise your research with folders;
  • Create email alerts and/or RSS feeds.

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