New Zealanders in World War 2 – Italy

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Crawford, J. North from Taranto: New Zealand and the liberation of Italy, 1943-45
A brief illustrated account, with maps and a bibliography. Chronology, pp. 86-89.
Pugsley, C. The battles for Monte Cassino: central Italy, 12 January-5 June 1944
Useful for introduction for school projects. Includes accounts of the four battles, with key dates and facts, maps and photographs. Biographies of VC winners and Monte Cassino today, including the cemetery.
Wright, M. Italian odyssey: New Zealanders in the battle for Italy
A useful introduction which offers a straightforward illustrated account. Maps, references and a bibliography are included. Ch. 3: Cassino. Casualties, pp. 267-279: includes name, rank, date of death, age and cemetery where buried.

Other sources

A fair sort of battering: New Zealanders remember the Italian campaign
Introduction (pp. 19-45), by R. Rabel on campaign. Interviews with Joseph Pedersen, Joseph Bacos, Reginald Hermans, Douglas Park, Newton Wickham, Patricia Hamilton, Gordon Johnston, Reginald Minter, Rae Hamilton, Jack Somerville, Isobelle Wright, Tautini Glover, Gordon Slatter.
Originally published in Italy, this version includes additional material including a chapter on the contribution of Māori soldiers.
Fenton, K. ANZACs at the frontiers 1941-45: Northern Italy, 2008
2 volume work. Includes biographical notes on John Peck, Arch Scott, Edgardo Sogno, and George Paterson.
Phillips, N.C. Italy
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories (Volume 1) and NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories (Volume 2).
Plowman, J. The Battles for Monte Cassino Then and Now, 2011
Contains photographs from archives and private collections around the world to present a balanced view, combined with maps, orders of battle, citations and detailed captions. Also includes photos of the battleground today.
Plowman, J. Orsogna: New Zealand's First Italian Battle 2010
Williams, T. Cassino: New Zealand soldiers in the battle for Italy
Army commanders, p. 253. Casualties, pp. 267-279.
Italian Campaign
The 28th Maori Battalion in Italy

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