New Zealanders in World War 2 – Maori and Pacific Island soldiers

28th Māori Battalion [information file]
Held in Nga Pounamu Maori Collection.
A collection of articles from newspapers, magazines and books about the Battalion. Includes information on Ngarimu, VC; the battle of Tebaga Gap; John Waititi; Bill Rickard; Miki Harrison; Nepia Mahuika; Heta Wawatea; the Ferris family; Moana Katae; Ted Wanoa; Hone Te Kauru Green; J.K.Waenga. Includes bibliography of further sources.

Cody, J.F. 28 (Māori) Battalion

Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories

Gardiner, W. Te mura o te ahi: the story of the Māori Battalion

Covers all the Battalion’s campaigns in the Second World War. Ch. 2: Māori in the First World War.

Soutar, Monty. Nga Tama Toa: The Price of Citizenship: C Company 28 (Māori) Battalion 1939-1945

Personal recollections and eyewitness accounts, many anecdotes and hundreds of photographs are woven through this history, from the inception of C Company in 1939 to the return of it's last members in 1946.


Māori and the Second World War - examines Māori response, achievements and the impact of the war.

Māori War Effort Organisation 1942-1945 - information on Māori recruitment and war-related activities.

28th Māori Battalion - "The 28th Māori Battalion website is a place to record, remember, honour and maintain information and knowledge of the Māori Battalion and its outstanding contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand".

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