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Royal New Zealand Air Force

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Warburton, G. New Zealand aircrew in World War II
A resource kit designed for use by secondary school students. Includes documents regarding entry into and training with the RNZAF, daily life and recreation, combat duties (fighter command, bomber command, coastal command), and prisoners of war. Includes letters and other documents about Murray Carncross, Charles Tapper and Raymond Glensor. The kit focuses on the war in Europe.
Wright, M. Kiwi air power
A well illustrated, useful introduction. Ch. 3: European war, 1939-45; Ch. 4: Pacific Defensive, 1941-2; Ch. 5: Pacific Offensive, 1942-5.

Other sources

Brathwaite, E. (ed.) We’ll be home for Christmas
Reminiscences of World War II by those who served in the RNZAF.
Crawford, J. Atlantic kiwis: New Zealand and the Battle of the Atlantic
New Zealanders who took part in the Battle of the Atlantic, as servicemen in the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the New Zealand Merchant Navy. Also discusses those who served in the Royal Air Force and Coastal Command.
Harrison, P. Courage in the Skies: New Zealand Airmen at War, 2011
Horn, A. Wings over the Pacific
An informal history of the RNZAF in the Pacific war. The author served with the air force. Appendix II: operational statistics of squadrons.
Night after nightLambert, M. Night after night: New Zealanders in Bomber Command
Index of New Zealand airmen mentioned in text. Includes separate chapters on Jimmy Ward, VC; L.Trent, VC; Les Munro; Ted Brunton.
Paisey, A. For ever valiant, volume 3: the Pacific Islands, 2008
Squadrons of the RNZAF which operated in the Pacific. Includes the stories of the following servicemen: Graham Goss, George Gudsell, Keith Hall, Bill Heslop, Frank Holmes, Arthur Hoskins, Bill Newfield, Artie Shaw, Fred Thomas, Jim Tocker, Dave Wilkie, Jack Wright.
Paisey, A. Anthology of Valour: Exploits and Experiences of New Zealand Airmen : the Second World War, 1939-1945
Ross, J.M.S. Royal New Zealand Air Force
Official war history. Chs. 2-6 examine local defence and the war in Europe. Chs. 7-19 examine the war in Malaya and the Pacific. Appendix: Wartime operational squadrons of the RNZAF, with commanding officers and tours of duty. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories.
Rudge, C. Air-to-air: the story behind the air-to-air combat claims of the RNZAF
Comprehensive details of each campaign in Malaya and the Pacific. Biographies of 71 aircrew who claim to have destroyed or damaged enemy aircraft, pp. 310-349. Summary of claims, pp. 353-6.
Wheeler, P. Kiwis do fly: New Zealanders in RAF Bomber Command, 2010
Reminiscences of veterans who flew with the RAF Bomber Command during World War 2: Ted Kepplewhite, Jim Sheddan, Arthur Joplin, Jack and Mary Shorthouse, Roy Montrowe, Dick Broadbent, Jim Dermody, Bill Simpson, Phil Small, Alan Wiltshire, George Hitchcock, Jack and Jopie ‘t Hart, Keith Boles, Harry Saunders, John Tarbuck, Harry Widdup, Bunny Burrows, Laurie McKenna, Joe Tomlin, Ivor Marsh, Harry Furner, Des Hall, Peter Booth, Les Munro, Harry Cammish, Des Andrewes, Doug Taylor, John Buckley, Stan Davies, Tom Whyte, Robin Craw, Winkie Kirk, Neville Selwood, Colin Emslie.


Royal New Zealand Airforce
Information from New Zealand History Online.
The Battle of Britain
Information from New Zealand History Online on New Zealand’s role in the battle.

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