New Zealanders in World War 2 – The Pacific

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Crawford, J. New Zealand’s Pacific frontline: Guadalcanal-Solomons campaign, 1942-5
A brief illustrated account, with maps and bibliography. Chronology, pp. 44-48.
Pacific WarWright, M. Pacific war: New Zealand and Japan, 1941-45
A useful introduction which offers a straightforward illustrated account. Maps, references and bibliography are included.

Other sources

Against the rising sun: New Zealanders remember the Pacific War, 2006
Reminiscences from Ian Newlands, William Mitchell, Harry Bidetti, Doug Benge, Peter Renshaw, Rob McLean, James Murphy, Noel Rosoman, John McKay, Ralph Williams, Richard Mapp, Alan Roberts, Thomas White and Pita Tauwhare.
Gillespie, O. The Pacific
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories
New Zealand in the Pacific War: personal accounts of World War II, edited by B.M. Petty, 2008
Servicemen: Robert Gordon Dunlap, Arthur N. Talbot, Dr Alan Hayton, Stanley B. Martin, Des H. Turnbull, E. T. Lang, Geoffrey Bryson Fisken, William John Edhouse, Charles Lawrence (Joe) Laird, Tracy Tapuke Magon. From the Home Front: Joan Hay Cudby, Darcy and Dallas Knuckey, Ngaire Baker Duncan, Georgina Kiripuai Aomarere, Louise Heffer Carkeek, Wyn Muirson Stackwell, Melvin Alfred (Ike) Watts, Joan Masters. American servicemen in NZ: Leonard E. Skinner, Clifford Charles and Sylvia P. Carrigan, Norman T. Hatch, Joe Wetzel, Carl W. Matthews. The next generation: Alfred Vaughan Leach, June Margaret Baudinet (nee Taringa), Tanya Savage, Shirley Anne Winistoerfer Fairest, Clint Libby.
Paisey, A. For ever valiant, volume 3: the Pacific Islands, 2008
Squadrons of the RNZAF which operated in the Pacific. Includes the stories of the following servicemen: Graham Goss, George Gudsell, Keith Hall, Bill Heslop, Frank Holmes, Arthur Hoskins, Bill Newfield, Artie Shaw, Fred Thomas, Jim Tocker, Dave Wilkie, Jack Wright.

Greetings From NZEF in the Pacific. llustration on this Christmas, New Year greeting postcard, 1943-1944, depicts a soldier of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in jungle uniform worn in the Pacific area. The postcard was issued by the National Patriotic Fund Board. No known copyright. CCL-HWC09-CE-026


New Zealanders in the Pacific War
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