Lyttelton Library working party seeks solution

Discussion on services in Lyttelton in 2016 when repair and refurbishment work takes place

At a lively public meeting in Lyttelton Library on 21 October, the community brain-stormed ideas about how to keep library services going while repair and refurbishment work on the Lyttelton library is carried out next year.

Community representation  from the meeting (Jamiee Pham, Krystal Coppell, Gary McCormick, Penny Carnaby, Justyn Strother, Luke Parker and Bridget O'Brien) have formed a working party and with the Community Board and Council staff input, are seeking partnership solutions. The working party meets regularly and are exploring a number of alternative accommodation options for a temporarily library service. Considerations include size, availability, a Council owned facility, displacement of other groups, access to the internet and the unique load-bearing requirements libraries have (as books are heavy).

The working party is optimistic that a satisfactory solution will soon be found and an alternative site will be available in time for refurbishing work on the existing library to go ahead as scheduled.

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