Our collection of newspapers — current and historical — covers local and national publications, plus the Australian Financial Review. You can read paper copies of some newspapers and get online access to thousands more. This page provides links to help you explore our newspaper collections.

Photo of newspapers at Central Library Manchester

See our newspaper holdings page for information about which libraries hold which titles.

Newspaper changes

Christchurch City Libraries has been reviewing its newspaper holdings and the availability of physical copies of some newspapers in some community libraries has changed. Please contact us or search our catalogue before you make a special trip.

What has happened?

As a network we will hold:

  • A selection of New Zealand daily newspapers, with its main focus on Christchurch.
  • A comprehensive South Island coverage.
  • A North Island representation.
  • Eventually the new Central Library will have a specialist newspaper collection.
  • Overseas newspapers (with the exception of the Australian Financial Review) will be provided in electronic format only via free internet access to PressReader and individual publication websites.

How long do we keep newspapers?

Newspapers are kept in Community Libraries for one month. Newspapers at Tūranga are held for three months. Historical copies of The Press and The Star are available on microfilm on Tuakiri | Identity, Level 2,Tūranga. Please search the catalogue or contact us for more information about a specific title.

Access newspapers online

The Christchurch Press - today's coverDigital versions of most New Zealand and overseas newspapers are available online. As well as the various New Zealand newspaper websites, our eResources include many New Zealand newspapers.
Use at a library or enter your library card & password / PIN.

PressReader has full-page replicas of current print editions, including editorial content, graphics and advertising. Most major New Zealand dailies are available, including their special publications. Back issues are available for up to ninety days; stories and pages can be printed, saved or emailed.
Australia & New Zealand Newsstream
Access to New Zealand and Australian newspaper articles and newswire stories
Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus
Leading Australian, New Zealand and international periodicals in full text, reference books, biographies and images.

Printing and photocopying newspapers

Single paper copies of newspapers can be photocopied. Bound newspapers cannot be photocopied. Microprints, which are like photocopies, can be taken from the microfilm on reader-printers.

Finding a specific title

The best way to find out if we have a specific newspaper is to contact us.

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