For sale

Library merchandise is available at libraries - just ask at an information desk. We do not have online sales. We can accept EFT-POS and credit card payment.

See our FAQs about using USB drives to save your work.

Bilingual story cards

Ignite imagination and improve literacy with our bilingual story cards for tamariki. Each card in the pack has an image and the word in te reo Māori and English. What a great way to learn and practise your te Reo! Players use their cards to create a story together. Play alone or with a group of any size. Work together to support players who feel less confident. There’s no winner, and there’s no right or wrong! This game celebrates creativity and improvisation – all ideas are welcome. Story cards are available at libraries for $19. Find out more about how to play

Library stock sales

As well as our annual sale some of our libraries sell withdrawn stock throughout the year. Book sales include books and other withdrawn library items such as magazines, CDs etc.

Digital images

We can provide digital copies of many images from our images collection - use the form to request images.

Metrocards at Christchurch City Libraries

A Metrocard enables you to pay for bus travel in Christchurch. Find out about the Metrocard on the Metroinfo website. You can buy or top up a Metrocard at some of our libraries

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